Recovering from a total hip replacement
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Recovering from a total hip replacement

When my mum got a hip replacement she was out of action for nearly 6 weeks. In the end it turned out to be a great move though, because she had been in so much pain beforehand and now she is back to her old self and has a lot more energy and movement. I wish I had understood more about the recovery process beforehand which is why I thought it might be useful to start this blog. It has a collection of tips from carers and orthopedists to help people who are assisting their loved ones to recover from hio replacement surgery.


Recovering from a total hip replacement

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    29 July 2017

    Not having straight teeth is embarrassing for some people. If you don't feel confident about your smile, you may want to consider orthodontics. However, if you are like many adults, you may not want noticeable metal braces on your teeth. Luckily, orthodontics has come a long way over the years, and there are many discrete options that can work. Check out these ideas: 1. Ceramic Braces Ceramic braces work on the same principle as metal braces.